Industrial zone 5.1

Project: Industrial zone 5.1



Industrial zone 5.1

The company I.P.B. was founded in 2007, with the goal of establishing and developing modern logistic centers in the southeastern part of Europe, in the industrial zone 5.1 in Simanovci, which represents the future stable connection route between Europe and the Middle East.

Only 20km away from the capital of Serbia, I.P.B. has formed one of the largest industrial parks in the region, which at this moment fulfills all international standards in terms of legal regulations, traffic and communal infrastructure and energy efficiency (such as FM Global Standard sprinkler system) . With a very attractive geographical and strategic position, moderate continental climate, and high quality service offered to the investors, Industrial Park Belgrade is one of the last business oases in the Southeast Balkans, where investors can easily start a business without any further requests or subsequent conditions, and with a potential for further rapid development in the future.

Strategic position
-25 km away from Belgrade City Centre
-Directly adjacent to E70 highway
-10 km away from Belgrade airport
-30 km away from the International Danube port
-30 km away from X railway corridor
-Entrance/exit to the higway route Belgrade-Zagreb without paying any tolls

Competitive advantages
-Very low construction plot compesation tax
-Arranged cadastral registry
-A lot of highly educated competitive workforce

There are no residential, school or recreational facilities in the vicinity, the land is registered in the land registry as 100% owned by the company (it is not the object of nationalization and has no restitution issues) and is being managed as construction land (it has been successfully recategorized from agricultural to construction plot- the cost already paid).

Since the detailed regulation plan has been adopted, there is no possibility of subsequent changes which gives the investors great security. There are 5 construction zones envisaged by the detailed regulation plan, and those are the following zones:
– Zone I : commercial- business activities
– Zone II : production-service activities
– Zone III : production activities
– Zone IV : production-educational-acommodation activities
– Zone V : catering-business activities

– Parcel utilization degree is 60-70 %, lot coverage is 3-5, number of storeys is from p+2 to p+7. A 5 km long roud infrastructure has been elaborated and other infrastructure elements (electricity, water, optical cable) have been installed.

In the immediate surroundings, exactly across the industrial park Belgrade is the famous industrial area of Šimanovci, where many national and international companies are located, among others: Mercedes, Milšped, Man, Pink film international, Doncafe, Grand Kafa, Bosh, Atlantic group, DHL, Dr Oetker, etc.

I.P.B.’s experienced management team can, in a very short time (max. 45 days), provide you with all the necessary permits to start work, if necessary, build the facility itself, or simply participate in the solving of your business, import or export problems, with the accompanying services available to you 24/7 / 365.

Investments in the industrial zones, such as ours, are stimulated by specific national legislative acts. The local community and municipality also provide a range of investment benefits that, with the lowest tax on profits in Europe of only 10%, give the investor a major initial advantage. There are also subsidies and incentives for hiring local workforce, which is highly educated, has strong work discipline and is readily available in this region.
By producing in The Industrial Park Belgrade, you get the right to a free export-import regime with Russia, Belarus, Republika Srpska and soon other regional countries as well. Also, among other benefits guaranteed by this agreement, for goods that are at least 50% produced in Serbia, import-export duties are not paid at all.

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