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Services offered by our company have diversified into many activities: building logistics centers, design managment, transportation, etc. What is most important aboutthe services we provide is the guarantee of quality. Long-term cooperation with all of our partners has always been on mutual benefit.


Quality above all

Consulting is a business activity that provides recommendations to clients to improve their performance, primarily through a thorough analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.


Development unused space

Design of storage space is a complex process and should not be taken lightly because mistakes are hard to compensate. The most important thing is to fill all location and urban conditions.


Fast, high quality and reliable

Decades of experience and business liability guarantee completion of each Agreement and prior to the deadline. Cooperation with a number of partners with the EX-YU region testify about who we are and how much we are worth.


The long-term quality and safety

The investment is the accumulation in the present with the hope of winning in the future. Generate a positive return investments that have a net present value.

Services in focus

development and long-term investments that guarantee stability and prospects



industrial buildings for all purposes

Design of commercial / storage facilities refers to the harmonization of desires and ideas with the urban projects that must be followed by law and regulations. Design solutions are documents relating to the plan and development of the project idea.


we know that we are investing in our future

Investment can mark any investment, primarily funds, the purpose of gaining certain economic benefits or profits. These may invest in financial forms of assets and investments equal to them or in the form of real assets that enable the realization of economic benefits or profits through certain productive business activities.

Additional services

except the primary services that can be found in the portfolio IPB ad a no less important some of the additional services are



The art of the planned construction

The architecture and construction are two different things, but they are linked to conflicts. Architecture, in short, is the science and art of the planned construction of buildings and structures.

Design and construction

Modern interior decoration

The design is process making a series of decisions aimed at the construction, design or create something. The design is precisely defined as reaching the goal within limits.


Exceptionally and reliably

Legalization of objects is done after a certain level of development of the object. During the building legalization is necessary building permit, you can request and get exclusive owner of the facility being built.


Introduction to employment

Special scientific discipline of multidisciplinary character, dealing with problems work management jobs, enterprises, and social systems.

Why choose us?

the level of work that we provide over other competitors in the field of logistics

Always on time

Our team will complete all projects started on time and within the planned budget. You can be confident in us and our company.

Always available

We are there for you whenever necessary. Contact us to consult or to answer any question in our field. We can offer valid advice.

Professionalism and responsibility

24/7/365 days a year you can count on I.P.B. Ltd. Our team of professionals will help you convert your dream into reality.


O nama


IPB d.o.o. - Industrijski Park Beograd - kompanija koja je specijalizovana za rasvoj savremenih logističkih centara