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Šimanovci – Phase 6

After the successful completion of the construction of the fifth logistics facility in the industrial zone 5.1 Šimanovci, the construction of the sixth facility of 12070 m2 is in progress. The facility will be located next to the fifth logistics facility and not far from the first three facilities built.



For more information on investments, future plans, design and construction of logistics centers, contact one of the employees of the company I.P.B. and we will gladly respond to your call.

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About us

The company I.P.B. – Industrial Park Belgrade d.o.o. was founded in 2007 in Belgrade. The main goal of the company is the development and construction of modern logistics centers in Southeast Europe.

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Experience teaches only those who can be learned


I.P.B. today it can serve the most demanding logistical needs, because the industrial zone 5.1 in Šimanovci was built according to the most modern standards.


A team of experienced designers can answer all your requirements and present the best and most modern solution, which will satisfy all your business needs.


Decades of experience of employees, as well as the number of built facilities, show our position at the top of builders in the territory of EX-YU.


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Companies that have placed their trust in us, that believe in our work, justified by good results.
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Why we?

the level of work we provide is above the rest

Always on time

Our team always completes all started projects on time and within the planned budget. Extensive experience in the field of construction and a large number of designed and built facilities, without a single day of delay, can only confirm and reward our efforts.

Always available

We are here for you whenever needed. Contact us for a consultation or for answers to any questions in our field. We can offer valid advice and answers, which will only contribute to the improvement of your business. Every working day, in the offices in the business part of Belgrade, we are willing to listen to you and suggest some business models in the field of logistics centers.

Professionalism and responsibility

24/7/365 days a year, you can rely on IPB d.o.o., whose team of professionals will help you turn your dream into reality. Our company is a reliable partner, which can offer the most favorable conditions on the market of Southeast Europe. Responsibility, which you can find at the address IPB d.o.o., will result in quality and stable cooperation.

O nama


IPB d.o.o. - Industrijski Park Beograd - kompanija koja je specijalizovana za rasvoj savremenih logističkih centara